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​"Don't give up, I believe in you all, a persons a person, no matter how small!"- Dr. Seuss
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Daily Routine

Our daily routine includes:


Free play - where children can choose from a range of activities and resources to play with


Adult led activity -  children can choose to take part in an adult led activity which is planned to help support childrens development within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


Snack - Children have the choice of a range of healthy fruit and vegetables as well as crackers, breadsticks and cheese. Milk and water is the choice of drink at snack times. Drinking water is available all day.


Outside Play - All children are taken outside to play on the green, in the children's centre garden or at the local park. We plan many activities to ensure all children get fresh air and have the chance to run and play outside.


Group time -  We have a time each day to come together for a story, to dance, explore music or spend time doing an activity in keyperson groups.

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